Welcome to Federal Student Aid's CPS Web Applications Demo System

This Web site is a demonstration version of Federal Student Aid's 2023-2024 FAFSA on the Web and FAA Access to CPS Online sites. The site provides a way for financial aid administrators to show students and parents, as well as financial aid office staff, how to use FAFSA on the Web and FAA Access to CPS Online. It offers most of the features of the production versions of the FAFSA on the Web and FAA Access to CPS Online Web sites, except that no data is processed.

Note: The following information applies to this Web site:

  • We authenticate users when they log into FAA Access to CPS Online. We ask users to provide a Federal Student Aid User ID (FSA User ID) and Password to access federal student aid information through the Internet. Since this is a demonstration Web site and user authentication is not required to access test data, the authentication step is skipped.
  • Saved data and submitted data are cleared from the database each evening.
  • Actual personal identifying information should never be used on this Demo site.
  • Unlike the production site, an estimated EFC is not calculated after an application is submitted. The EFC value is always all 9s for any test case on the Demo site.
  • Printed signature pages include a “test sample” watermark and should not be mailed to the processor. The demo signature page will not be accepted or processed.
  • If another user saves a renewal or correction application in FAFSA on the Web, other users will not know the save key and will have to start a new transaction.
  • Unlike the production site, the “CPS Web Applications Demo System” page is considered the FAFSA “Home” page. When a user selects “Exit” or “Home” from the Demo site, they will be directed to the “CPS Web Applications Demo System” page.
  • The Demo site includes all FAFSA on the Web application, renewal, and correction entry pages beginning with the “Login” page.

Pre-loaded test data is provided for applications that depend on historical data such as renewal applications, corrections, print SAR, application status check, student inquiry, and electronic signatures. Multiple transactions exist for test cases where the highest transaction number is greater than 01. FAA login information is also provided for FAA Access to CPS Online applications on the Demo site.

The student IDs and FSA IDs to access the test data are given below.

Preloaded Test Data

2023-2024 Renewal FAFSAs

Test CaseSSNLast NameFirst NameDOBFSA ID UsernameFSA ID PasswordDependency Model

2023-2024 Processed FAFSAs, FAFSA Corrections,
Print SAR, Application Status Check, and Student Inquiry

Test CaseSSNLast NameFirst NameDOBHighest
FSA ID UsernameFSA ID PasswordDependency Model
1 966-13-0001DemodefaultSusan1102198503status91Appstat91Independent
2 966-13-0002DemolastnameBrian1102199903status92Appstat92Independent
3 966-13-0003DemolastnameMaxine1102199903status93Appstat93Independent
4 966-13-0004DemolastnameAbe1102198503status94Appstat94Independent
5 966-13-0005DemodepoverrideJudith1102200403status95Appstat95Independent
6 966-13-0006DemolastnameHarvey0419200403status96Appstat96Dependent
7 966-13-0007DemolastnameLarry0419200403status97Appstat97Dependent
8 966-13-0008DemoteachhomelesVal0419200403status98Appstat98Independent
9 966-13-0009DemospecialcircuHelen0419200401status99Appstat99Dependent

2023-2024 Applications with Signature Hold
Application Status Check, Student Inquiry, and Electronic Signatures

Test CaseSSNLast NameFirst NameDOBFSA ID UsernameFSA ID Password
Parent 1 (Father/Mother/Stepparent): 966-78-2001Edit 11111981hold150E-sign150
Parent 2 (Father/Mother/Stepparent): 966-78-2108Edit 01011984hold152E-sign152
Parent 1 (Father/Mother/Stepparent): 966-78-2003Edit 11111975hold154E-sign154
Parent 2 (Father/Mother/Stepparent): 966-78-2110Edit 01011984hold156E-sign156
Parent 1 (Father/Mother/Stepparent): 966-78-2005Edit 11111975hold158E-sign158
Parent 2 (Father/Mother/Stepparent): 966-78-2112Edit 01011984hold160E-sign190

New Applications - New User (no prior data)

Test CaseSSNLast NameFirst NameDOBFSA ID Username/Verified E-mail AddressFSA ID Password
1 966-13-3011LastnameSusan11021987newuser81/newuser81@fafsademo.com Firstyear81
2 966-13-3012LastnameBrian11022004newuser82/newuser82@fafsademo.comFirstyear82
3 966-13-3013LastnameMaxine11022004newuser83Firstyear83
4 966-13-3014LastnameAbe11022004newuser84Firstyear84
5 966-13-3015LastnameJudith11022004newuser85Firstyear85
6 966-13-3016LastnameHarvey04192004newuser86Firstyear86
7 966-13-3017LastnameLarry04192004newuser87Firstyear87
8 966-13-3018LastnameVal04192004newuser88Firstyear88
9 966-13-3019LastnameHelen04192004newuser89Firstyear89

FAA Login Information

Destination CodeFederal School Code

To demonstrate the FAFSA on the Web site, click FAFSA on the Web Demo System to continue. To demonstrate the FAA Access to CPS Online site, click FAA Access to CPS Online Demo System to continue.

FAFSA on the Web Demo System   FAA Access to CPS Online Demo System
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